2nd Quarter – Band – Everything Changes – Band Assignment 11/3-11/10, due 11/12

Welcome to Second Quarter, 2009-2010.

Parents and students need to be aware of some important changes regarding grading for all band students, effective on November 2, 2009.

1.  The grading policy percentages have changed for all students in band and orchestra. The NEW grading policy is as follows:

Classwork  –  60% (originally, 50%)

Assessment/Tests – 30% (originally 30% – no change)

Homework (Homework Logs) – 10% (originally 20%).

2. Students will have an increased amount of authentic assessment activities (in english – more playing tests) this quarter and every quarter following.

In other words: not turning in a record of your practice may only drop you ONE letter grade.  That’s ok. 🙂 What really matters is whether or not you practice and know your music properly.   So you can ‘fake’ a practice log and get it signed – but you can’t fake a playing test.  So if you haven’t disciplined yourself to practice, you have no choice this quarter.  Failing assessments can drop a student TWO, POSSIBLY THREE LETTER GRADES. Don’t say you weren’t warned and don’t act like it’s something new: it’s always been 30%. You’ll just have more tests now.

3. 7th grade has begun to use Standard of Excellence bk. 2 Enhanced as of TODAY.  Parents AND students – please refer back to the class syllabus I gave each student on the FIRST day of class in August. Page 2, 12th line from the top states: “You will need Foundations for Superior Performance FIRST. We will begin work in Standard of Excellence Bk. 2 in November.”

It’s November. 🙂

If you have not purchased Standard of Excellence Book 2 Enhanced as of yet (there is really no excuse, since I’ve informed students to bring in money and I would make the trip to the store to pick up books for some who did not have transportation and I have done so multiple times already), your child’s grade will be in jeopardy, as 5 of the 9 playing tests your child will be assessed on will come from this book.

The number to Music and Arts in Bowie Town Center is 301-262-5950. If the book has to be ordered, please send a written note for your child.

I will be conducting equipment checks and students may lose up to 15 points per day for coming to class unprepared (this is also in the class in syllabus given back in August).

4. A list of upcoming rehearsals and performances was sent home TODAY (11/4/09) with ALL band students present in class.  Each rehearsal was explained to each students. If there is a schedule conflict, please notify me in writing immediately. Otherwise, ALL students are required to attend all rehearsals and performances.  The date for the Winter Concert (Decmeber 15, 2009 at 7pm) was announced in August in the the Jaguar Express, re-stated to students repeatedly during the school year and announced again and put in writing in the classroom on the board October 21st, 2009. ALL groups are performing (7th grade Band, 8th grade band, Beginning Band Ensemble).  There will be mandatory playing tests that students MUST pass in order to perform (this is a performance class) and those students who fail to pass will not be allowed to perform (performance is NOT a right – syllabus in August, page 3 and 4 ). The alternative playing test will only be worth half of the original performance grade.  The performance (Winter Concert) is 700 points.  There is no ‘written work’. The student’s responsibility is to practice the instrument and know their music.

The document is located here. http://mrgilliardmusic.com/music/docs/Band%20Calendar-Nov-Dec.pdf

5.  Be sure to check the calendar page. Performances and rehearsals are scheduled on there as well. Updated frequently.

6. Based on 1st Quarter grades, progress in class to date, attitude and ability, I will select an initial group of students to be members of the Wind Ensemble for three of the upcoming performances (November 16, 21 and December 10 – not on the calendar, but about to be). Auditions for the group will be made available at a future date prior to the Winter break.

Okay. That’s quite a bit.  Thank you to those parents and students who are ALREADY putting forth their best effort, practicing and coming class after class amazing me and others with their progress. You absolutely ROCK.  Thanks for your patience in reading this.

The week’s assignment:

Mods 2a and 4a  (7th grade)

Decent progress to date. Please make sure you practice.

Method book: Standard of Excellence bk. 2 – #1,2,3,4 and 5. Please take the time to learn your fingerings correctly! If you do not put in the work NOW, you will STRUGGLE the remainder of the year.

Finale from Symphony no. 1 – mm. 1-21.

Northwinds Festival mm. 1-36 (work on playing all articulations and dynamics correctly)

Scales: Bb and Eb Concert Scales (#2 and #6 in Standard of Excellence).

(Don’t worry about American Spirit March until next week.)

Please review the following concepts: Attack, Sustain, Release. Remember – attack is how we start a note. After that, we need to keep a steady stream of air going to sustain the note. Finally, we stop breathing in order to release the note.

Mod 3a (8th grade)

Method book: SoE bk 2 – #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (move through 6-10 if you are able…)

Fire Dance: mm.  whole song. Focus on dynamics and correct articulation.

Chester Variations: mm. 40-56 (focus on dynamics and correct articulation from 20-56)

Honor Roll March – The whole song.

Twisted Night Before Christmas: Whole song.  SPECTACULAR JOB READING THROUGH IT TODAY. THIS is the band I know you can be ALL THE TIME.

Please review the following concepts: Attack, Sustain, Release. Remember – attack is how we start a note. After that, we need to keep a steady stream of air going to sustain the note. Finally, we stop breathing in order to release the note.

Scales: Bb, Eb and F major scales

Please remember: TENUTO. The ‘sound’ of the notes should ‘touch’ each other.

Blank homework logs are located here: PDF | Word.


You will be responsible for music for ALL band ensembles. You’ll be playing with ALL of the groups.


Single Stroke roll, played open for 4 measures at 90 BPM and closed at 120 BPM for 8 measures.

Double Stroke Roll, played at 120 BPM for 8 measures.

Flam – played as quarter notes for 8 measures at 90 BPM and for 8 measures at 120 BPM.

Percussion practice logs are here:  Word | PDF

You have my permission to use http://www.vicfirth.com/education/rudiments.html to help you out. 🙂  In fact, I absolutely insist you use http://www.vicfirth.com/education/rudiments.html to help you out here.

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