A *GREAT* Year.

With the sparse updates over the past few months, I wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU to all of the 6th Grade and Symphonic Band students for such a spectacular year.

Straight II’s at festival.  That’s a huge step up from what we sounded like at Winter Concert. I set out to become a better director and make you better students….mission accomplished.  In post-performance reflections, I can see that a lot of you have grown musically. You know what to listen for, you know what sounds good and what doesn’t.

The longest band concert at TJ in…forever. You do realize that two songs by 6th grade band and FIVE songs by symphonic band is the longest time we’ve taken at a concert.  No ? Well, it is.  With the Solo and Ensemble folks added in, we pretty much could’ve done an entire concert by ourselves…..which isn’t such a bad idea (hint, hint). 😉

No III’s at any adjudication festival this year. No judge gave us III’s this year. Anywhere.  We’re on the right track.

SIX superiors at county solo and ensemble and 3/4 superiors at state festival. Largest group of kids qualifying for State S&E from TJ at least in the 8 years I’ve been here.

You premiered an original composition. Yes, I’m biased since I wrote it, but I wrote it with you guys in mind. And I’m proud of what you’ve become.

Back to outside performances. With one performance left (the Old Post Office), I’m glad to have TJ performing outside of the building again. I’m planning to do more things like this next year, since TJ had a rich history of outside performances up until the budget cuts hit a few years back.

All in all….a great year. We have much to be happy about, but we also have much to improve on. As 6th transitions to 7th and 7th to 8th, prepare to work harder than ever.  I’m going to put demands on you that I haven’t put on anyone since I was teaching high school in 2004-2005.

Musically Yours,
Mr. Gilliard

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