And just like that….it’s over.

It’s been a really REALLY REALLY difficult year.

But we all made it through. 🙂

I’d like to give shouts to my Wind Ensemble for their work this year, especially my Mod 3 class.  I’m looking forward to working with you guys next year in 8th grade and moving up from Excellent to Superior. You guys make ‘work’ FUN.

I’m looking forward to next year as a whole. The Choir will be taken over next year by Mr. Tedrick Bonds, a Bowie State University graduate, which will free me up to spend much more time on my band students.

While I’m here, I’d be remiss in not also shouting out my Chamber Choir and Mod 3 and 4 on B days. You guys really are a great group of kids and any teacher  would be blessed to have you as students.

Band folks, get rest over the summer, practice for about 30 minutes once a week to keep some of your skills up.  7th and 8th graders (yep, you’ve all moved up now), prepare to hit the ground running in August – as in, week 2 we’ll have instruments out and playing.  Superior bands take superior work….and that’s what we’ll be doing when the fall hits next year.

On B days, look for me to be back to teaching General Music – but it’s going to be a piano lab. With recitals every two weeks.

Oh….and everyone…be ready for online assignments.  And I won’t be using Edmodo….you’ll see what’s up when you get here. Don’t worry – it’ll be good stuff and it’ll help you learn better. 🙂

See you in August. 🙂

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