And Now….The Big Announcement.

After 10 years at Thomas Johnson Middle, I finally decided to follow my 8th graders over to DuVal High School. I’ll be the new director of Instrumental Music at DuVal this fall (band AND orchestra). I’ve been having a good laugh about getting this job since kids (old students, alumni, etc….) have all been floating a rumor at least back to February that I was going to take the job (the job wasn’t even open at the time!).

Anyway, I’m stepping into DuVal to reunite with my 9th-about-to-be-10th graders and bringing over my 8th-about-to-be-9th graders – both groups know well the work it takes to be a superior, as they’ve actually experienced it firsthand. My about-to-be-11th grade students saw some of those changes beginning to happen during their time at TJ – well…now they get to see the rest of it.

This brings me back into the realm of marching band (camp is Aug. 17-21) and a host of other things. More information coming soon. Parent and Student Information Night is Thursday Aug. 13, 7pm. Mailings for everything will go out near the end of July after SchoolMax comes back up with up to date information. If you checked your schedule and didn’t see band or orchestra or you saw the wrong class, hold tight. I got you on the class changes.

Know and understand that my purpose stepping through the front door is about raising the standards of every student to work consistently for SUPERIOR – not ‘average’, not ‘good’, not ‘just getting by’. Whatever your personal standard was before and whatever you thought was good enough…. be prepared to change. My standard WILL become your standard.

Those who know…. bus on the road to success. You have three options. [you should know the rest of that speech by now]

Monday and Tuesday I’ll be at the building at noon to begin clean-up, put instruments in for repair and all the other things necessary for a program to run effectively. DHS Alumni, I welcome you (a few of you have already thrown in your support even if you can’t be there in person) to come by and help out. Current students (especially student leaders), you have a high bar to reach. I think you’re more than capable of reaching it. I look forward to you catching the vision and moving forward together with me.

The number is still 202-670-TJMS (8567). See everyone on Monday and Tuesday.

“Highest Quality of CHARACTER”
“Achievement in ACADEMICS”
“Attainment in LEADERSHIP”
“Perfection in MUSICIANSHIP”
“Dedication to SERVICE”
“Relentless in PERSEVERANCE”

‪#‎DHSIM‬ (Duval High School Instrumental Music)
Not just band. Not just orchestra. Not just a class. A movement.

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