Another *SUPERIOR* year….so far….

All the good things from last year, I duplicated this year. Even got to go to Midwest this year (wife’s ankle has healed up quite a bit)

Got the same results as last year – I, I, II and a II in sight-reading, although I’m sure that my kids sight-read a full-blown grade I piece this year and not just a .5 like last year.

State Assessment ran slightly different this year. We got II, II, III, but we improved in sight-reading to a II….AND came within one comment of a I. I call that progress. 🙂

On the 19th (Spring Concert) the Symphonic Band premiered  Royal Procession for Band (Grade I), a new piece I hope to have up on JWPepper for purchase shortly.  After this, I’m off to work on a grade III (Sunshower) that’s been stuck in my head for a few years.

As with last year, all kids who performed at Solo and Ensemble locally got either a superior or an excellent. This year, one superior – a flute duet.  They went to MD State Solo and Ensemble and earned a superior as well.

Since last year, I’ve also started work on a Master of Music degree through Messiah College in PA – emphasis, Wind Band conducting.

I’ve moved most of my ‘class resources’ directly onto Edmodo, so that’s why there’s been a dearth of updates here.  I’m going to slowly convert this over to more of a ‘resource’ site than a classroom site (though I’ll still make some classroom things available).

June 5, both bands (6th grade Concert Band selected students AND most of my Symphonic Band) will perform at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA.  June 10 will mark another new event – Chamber Ensemble Night (band only). Small groups (all solo and ensemble stuff). I meant to implement this for earlier in the year, but needed more time.

In addition, there are a ton of changes coming. I won’t let the cat out of the bag on all of them, but you who are reading….will see soon.


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