Here is a short list of music terms you should know in order to play music well.

Accent – play this note louder than the others. Abbreviated > over or beneath a note.

Allargando – slower, louder and in a broad style.

Crescendo – gradually get louder

Decrescendo or Diminuendo – gradually get softer.

Forte – loud. Abbreviated  f.

Fortissimo – very loud. Abbreviated ff.

Legato – Smooth and Connected. Instead of tonguing notes ‘ta-ta-ta-ta’ (hard tonguing), legato notes are best played ‘ta-da-da-da’.

Marcato – short, accented, loud. Abbreviated ^ over a note or under a note (flipped upside down under a note).

Mezzo Forte – medium loud. Abbreviated mf.

Mezzo Piano – medium soft. Abbreviated mp.

Piano – soft. Abbreviated p.

Pianissimo – very soft. Abbreviated pp.

Tenuto – play notes full value/full length of time. Abbreviated by writing a straight line below or above a note head.

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